Photo Journal of the Team Mo' 1996 Trips

In 1996 I (Mike Rinaldi) met Jimothy Fahrni in a Sierra Club Snow Camping class in San Jose. We sat in the back of the class and commented soto voce on some of what was said. Mostly in jest but hey sometimes these Sierra Clubers can get pretty fuddy-duddy. We exchanged numbers an talked about doing some backpacking and climbing. Later that year we went on the Dusy trip together and Jimothy will forever be remembered as the guy who packed a whole loaf (brick?) of dark (dense, heavy..) German rye bread. That brick was symbolic of his pack. 80 lbs, most of it food!, for a 9 day trip. We luckly had to turn back on day 3 and quickly managed to lose 40lbs from said pack before returning to the crags for a most enjoyable trip. Jimbo has since then learned what light and fast means : ) But I'm sorry to say I'm still learning. 1996 was also the first year I started to seriously climb with Dewey. Our Cascade Volcanoes trip is permenantly etched in my mind as one of the most enjoyable trips I've been on. The best line that describes this 3-day climborama is, "If it's Tuesday it must be Mt. Adams".

 1996 Calander of Trips

Who's going
July 1-5
Taboose and Loose
Mike,Dewey,Rich W,Jimobo,...
A Dusy of a Trip
July 18-22
Cascade Volcanoes
3 days - 3 Volcanoes
October 1
Mt. Whitney
Mike,Jimbo,Rick Rairden
One Day, 22 miles, 6200'gained