Sept 16  -  Charlotte Lake  - Sandy Meadow                                           ´
 20 mi  ´ 
+Elev: 4500 ft

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Day 13  
There was a light hearted feeling as we had breakfast, the realization that end of the trail was almost in sight, and we were going to make it. We gained almost 3,000 feet before we even got to Forester Pass (13,200Ý), but we were getting stronger every day and the packs got a little lighter, and we flew up and over leaving behind Kings Canyon and entering Sequoia NP. We descended down to Bubbs Creek and Vidette Meadows. This area has a reputation for itÝs beauty, but we didnÝt see much from the trail. We climbed up Bighorn Plateau were we got great views of Tyndall, Williamson, Russell and Whitney. We were getting excited now, and pushed on beyond our scheduled camp. We found a great camp near Wright Creek and watched the alpenglow on Mt. Whitney. Mosquitoes liked this site also, but even they couldnÝt dampen our spirits of being this close to finishing the JMT.