Sept 17  -  Sandy Meadow  -  Mt. Whitney to Whitney Portal                                            ï
 20 mi  ï 
+Elev: 4500 ft


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 Day 14
We woke at 3 a.m. and hit the trail by 4:00 with headlamps on. Jimothy didnít want any afternoon thundershowers to prevent us from summitting  and we all looked forward to getting into Lone Pine for showers and food. We made good time in the darkness and passed by the Crabtree Ranger Station at first light. We passed by Guitar Lake and quite a few hikers just getting started. Our pace was smooth and easy all the way up to the Trail Crest. Most people coming up the backside drop their packs here before going on to the summit, but we figured weíd carried them this far we might as well carry them all the way. We sumitted at 11:07, followed by lots of high fives and the mandatory summit photos. It was a sunny and cloudless day, but it was still cold on top, and after lunch we headed down. We had just finished the JMT, but we still had eleven miles to go. I remembered a past hike down feeling like it went on forever, and that still hasnít changed! We were tired and it was getting late in the day when we finally got to the Portal. But now we had no ride down into town. We stuck out our thumbs and the third car pulled over and gave us a ride, a perfect  ending! We got a motel in town, and Iíve never enjoyed a shower as much I enjoyed that one. We celebrated that night with Italian food and a pitcher of micro-brew.